Important rules for the accommoded tourists

If you decide to use "shared" web-based accommodation services (e.g., Airbnb, Booking, Trivago, Roomorama, VRBO), keep in mind that you are staying in a place where the locals live long-term!


Important rules for the accommoded tourists

  1. Observe the House Rules - a document that regulates
    the rights and duties of building's common area for persons living
    in the building.

  2. Nighttime Quiet Hours - the general noise ordinance, in accordance with valid law, is in effect from the hours of 10:00 pm
    and 6:00 am. Beyond this time, please be considerate to others
    and do not create any unnecessary noise.

  3. Smoking - marijuana is illegal in the Czech Republic,
    but cigarette smoking can be annoying to people
    in the neighboring flats.

  4. Be Considerate to the Property - do not destroy or damage
    the property in which the rented apartment is located.

  5. Do not Bring Others to the Apartment - it is inconsiderate
    not just to the landlord, but in general when you are staying and paying for two then allow another ten people to stay, whether they are people you meet at the bar or fellow travelers.

  6. Observe Sanitation Standards - leave waste only at designated locations, do not pollute common areas, do not flush things
    that are not intended for this purpose (your flooded neighbors will not thank you and you will have to pay for the damage).

  7. Dispose of Bottles Appropriately - If you are having a bottle
    of wine in a rented apartment, dispose of the bottle properly
    in a designated space. Do not leave broken glass and shards anywhere.

  8. In Case of Emergency, Call for Help. If there is a fire, break
    in, or other suspicious activities, call the rescue corps

    • Firefighters: 150
    • Police: 158
    • Ambulance/Medical Emergency: 155
    • European Emergency Number: 112